Ignite Entrepreneurship: Tips from Owner of Southern Maryland Business Center

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Relationships. That’s what Darlene Breck, entrepreneur and owner of the Southern Maryland Business Center, says ignited her business and ignited her success. Those relationships built over 32 years owning businesses in Charles County are a benefit to her clients, many of whom are startup businesses and entrepreneurs themselves.

Over 70 small and large companies have been located at the Southern Maryland Business Center since it opened in 2003. The company, located at Stanhaven Place in White Plains, offers large offices, single suites and virtual office space to various types of businesses. Included is reception, mail delivery, and use of various conference rooms for meetings. Business owners also have an opportunity to network with each other and share ideas or solve problems. Breck is always willing to offer them advice and the benefit of her own business expertise.

“Today, you can Google where a business is located and know if they’re working out of their home or an office,” said Breck. “An office location gives our businesses a more professional appearance. Also, people don’t always want clients coming in and out of their home.”

Prior to starting the Southern Maryland Business Center in 2003, Breck owned a moving and storage company with 50 employees and had several business connections in the county. With family and friends here, she knew Charles County was where she wanted to both live and work.

Getting involved in the community has also been important. Breck is a past president of the Charles County Chamber of Commerce and past Chair of the Board for the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center Foundation. She has served on the Maryland Commission for Women and is the current Chief Judge of the Orphans Court for Charles County.

Changing with the Times

Southern Maryland Business Center has been in business for over 14 years. Six years ago, they moved from their first location (a former real estate office in Waldorf) to their current location, a Class A building at the White Plain Corporate Center office park. “We found that clients want the things that come with a Class A building—security, elevators, and lobbies,” said Breck. With that change the business grew from 26 to 36 tenants and won a contract to house the Transportation Security Administration processing for Homeland Security badges

According to Breck there are many factors that help make a startup successful. Of course you have to watch your cash flow, understand your markets, keep your eye on your competition, and push to excel in your products and customer relations. An entrepreneur must stay on top of all these things to have a chance at success and be willing to put in the effort to be the first in and last out of the office any day of the week, she advises.

It Comes Back to Relationships

But, the running theme when you talk to Darlene Breck is the importance of relationships. “The network of people I’ve connected with is very valuable to me as a businesswoman and to my clients,” said Breck. Being involved in the community, participating in various organization meetings, volunteering to support non-profit events, and working within community support organizations such as Life Styles, Spring Dell, schools and churches are all part of being both a good citizen and a key component of being a successful business owner. Simply showing up at various community events and talking with people is the best way to start building relationships and expanding them. Business networking opportunities in Charles County abound. They include such organizations as the Charles County Chamber of Commerce, the Charles County Military Alliance Council, SMIT (Southern Maryland Innovation and Technology) Meetups, and the Economic Development Department’s own Quarterly Business Roundtables.

To learn about how the Economic Development Department supports local entrepreneurs, visit our Entrepreneurship page or contact us at info@meetcharlescounty.com.

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“Charles County is a great central location for us to have access to all of our customers. We do business with NSWC Carderock, Naval Research Laboratory, NAWCAD Patuxent River, NSWC Dahlgren, and Indian Head Naval Support Facility, to name a few.”

Scott Decker
Director of Operations

Cardinal Scientific

“We are proud to be a key part of Charles County’s future and we heartily encourage other, cutting-edge companies to join us.”

Doug Egan
Chief Executive Officer
Competitive Power Ventures

“Charles County is where we started our company and where we grew and expanded. We now operate our managed print and managed IT solutions in five states and provide custom apps all around the globe. Our headquarters is still in Charles County, an excellent place to conduct business and recruit highly skilled individuals for our ever growing team!"

Joshua Justice

Just Tech


“We are proud to be a key part of Charles County’s future and we heartily encourage other, cutting-edge companies to join us.”

Katharine Tate
 Executive Director of Provider Engagement and Community Relations

Righttime Medical Care

“Charles County is a great place for businesses to start, grow, and thrive! We've worked with over 100 businesses since we opened our doors in Charles County, and I've witnessed the majority of these businesses achieve all three.”

Darlene M. Breck


Southern Maryland Business Center

“Charles County is a great place to do business because of the passion of the business community and the residents who strive to make it the best that it can be."

Andrew W. Welburn


The Welburn Organization