Cost of Business

State Tax Rank

State Corporate Sales
Maryland 19 8

 Source: Tax Foundation; 2016 State Business Tax Climate Index

State Unemployment Insurance Rate

State Minimum Maximum Taxable Wage Base
Maryland .006% .09% $18,500

 Source: Tax Foundation, 2016

State Sales Tax Rate

State Rate
Maryland 6.0%

 Source: Tax Foundation, 2016

Property Taxes

State Average Local Income Tax Rates (h)
Maryland 2.9%

  Source: Tax Foundation, 2016

County Average Paid
Charles County $3,424

 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, 2015

State Income Taxes

State of Maryland Rate




≥ $0 2.00%
≥ $1,000 3.00%
≥ $2,000 4.00%
≥ $3,000 4.75%
≥ $100,000 5.00%
≥ $125,000 5.25%
≥ $150,000 5.50%
≥ $250,000 5.75%

 Source: Tax Foundation, 2016


Electric Average Cost Per KW Hour
Southern Maryland Electric Coop Inc (All Sectors) 7.83¢


Natural Gas Commercial Cost Per KW Hours
Maryland $11.15


Water/Sewer Rates Per 1,000 gallons
Water (0-18,000 gallons) $3.33
Sewer (Usage capped at 24,000 gallons) $7.13

 Source: Charles County Government

Land Costs Per Acre
  Low High Avg
Industrial $20,000 $250,000 $110,000
Office $60,000 $1.2M $310,000
Retail $60,000 $1.5M $410,000


Rental Rates Per SF (2016)  
  Charles County, MD DC Metro Region % Less
Retail $17.29 $24.97 -31%
Office $21.91 $34.88 -37%
Industrial $7.02 $7.28 -4%
Flex $11.68 $12.57 -7%


Views from Charles

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In our newest blog series, “Ignite Entrepreneurship,” we profile local entrepreneurs to learn more about what “ignited” their success, and also gain insights about being an entrepreneur in Charles County. For the first blog of this series, we sat down with Thomas Luginbill, director of the College of Southern Maryland’s newly-established Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute (EII).

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