With a highly educated workforce, a low cost of doing business, and a focus on STEM education, Charles County is well-positioned to grow its technology industry, specifically in R&D, engineering and computing. Charles County’s workforce consists of a large concentration of managers, professionals, and highly-educated residents with jobs in advanced technology, IT, engineering services, design, fabrication and rapid prototyping. More than 94 percent of residents have a high school diploma or higher, and the County is home to the most energetics PhD’s in the nation. In addition, NSWC Indian Head has the largest concentration of PhDs working in Energetics in the Warfare Center, including the highest number of synthesis chemists, detonation physicists, and formulation scientists dedicated to the energetics National competency.

Due to its strategic location in the DC-Baltimore-Richmond corridor, Charles County has access to a potential labor force of more than 1.836 million within a 45-minute commute.

With digital transactions, virtual workplaces and teleworking becoming the norm for many companies, Charles County offers a strong applicant pool and a lower cost of doing business for companies of all sizes, including startups. Charles County boasts office lease rates that are nearly 50 percent lower than the DC Metro average, while the cost of labor is also lower, even compared to the state of Maryland.

Fast Facts and Figures

  • Charles County is recognized among the "most digitally advanced counties" nationwide for counties with populations of less than 150,000 for nine consecutive years.

  • Charles County is home to the most energetics PhDs in the nation.

  • Maryland ranks first in the country for the total number of engineers and doctoral scientists as a percentage of total employment.

At A Glance 

  • More than 94% of the Charles County population has a high school diploma or higher.

  • Office lease rates are nearly 50% lower than the DC metro average.

  • Made up of a potential labor force of almost 1.836 million within a 45-minute commute.

  • Large concentration of managers, professionals and highly educated residents with jobs in advanced technology, IT and engineering services.

  • All Charles County Public School CCPS students learn at the county's James E. Richmond Science Center, home to one of about 100 NOAA Science on a Sphere demonstration tools worldwide.

Notable Companies 

  • protoCAD: Developer of rapid prototypes and an engineering services bureau. The company's innovative use of StereoLithography enables it to produce high quality prototype products in shorter time frames. Customers range from commercial manufacturers to the U.S. military.
  • OutsourceIT: One of the largest, privately held managed cloud service providers in the country. The company's extensive cloud services offer a cost effective approach to meeting business needs.
  • Advanced Vision Systems Inc.: A consulting firm that provides a variety of engineering and technical services for high tech firms. Located within walking distance to the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indian Head, AVSI's client base includes government agencies, manufacturing companies, medical firms, and the military.
  • Peerless Tech Solutions: Leading provider of cybersecurity and risk management services. Supporting both commercial and federal customers, their experts provide the tools needed to respond to the ever changing cybersecurity threats through advanced research and flexible solution developments.

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