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Charles County is in the center of the densely populated region extending from Baltimore in the north through Washington, DC to Richmond in the south. One of the oldest counties in Maryland, Charles County has been a hidden gem for more than 350 years, offering residents and businesses a blend of past and present where its rich history, scenic outdoors, and panoramic waterfront views combine with growth and modern development. This unique combination of urban and rural assets in Charles County contributes to a high quality of life while businesses enjoy the benefits of its strategic location.

Charles County is only 30 minutes from Washington, DC and is nestled in the heart of the DC-Baltimore-Richmond corridor, providing businesses and companies with access to more than 10 million people within a two-hour drive. Just 20 minutes away from the Capital Beltway, the County has ample commercial and industrial property that has already received preliminary approvals.

Waldorf and St. Charles serve as the County's center in terms of population, employment, and services. Almost 50 percent of the County's population and 60 percent of its businesses are located in Waldorf. Virtually all of the region's federal and military installations from Patuxent River NAS to Quantico to Fort Meade, including Charles County's Indian Head Naval Support Facility lie within a 40-mile radius of Waldorf.

Centrally located in Charles County is the Town of La Plata, the county seat. U.S. Route 301 travels through Waldorf and La Plata, connecting Charles County to Baltimore and Washington, DC, as well as Virginia's Northern Neck. 

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Why Retailers Choose Charles County

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

As one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Maryland, Charles County is well-positioned to develop its retail industry to accommodate this growing population. We share four reasons why retailers choose Charles County.

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“We are proud to be a key part of Charles County’s future and we heartily encourage other, cutting-edge companies to join us.”

Doug Egan
Chief Executive Officer
Competitive Power Ventures

“Charles County’s strategic location in the DC Metro region affords us networking and business opportunities with some of the top names in our industry."

George Nash
Director of Business Development