Tax Credits & Incentives

Real Property Job Creation Property Tax Credit

Up to 10 years of tax credits. Minimum of 10 new jobs created in a targeted industry. Wages paid must exceed County's  average annual wages. New or expanding businesses eligible for consideration. Tax credit is applied after jobs are created.

Recordation Tax Credit

Eligible businesses can be considered for full or partial waiver of recordation tax. The business must maintain at least 10 or more new permanent full-time positions or make a capital investment sufficient to yield a substantial increase in annual commercial tax revenue. New, relocating, or expanding businesses eligible for consideration. Creation of jobs paying above County average wages and/or significant capital investment required.


Tax Credit or PILOT for Energy Generation

This program allows the County to negotiate a tax credit or payment-in-lieu-of taxes for new electric generation facilities.

Manufacturing Equipment Tax Exemption

All manufacturing equipment and inventory are exempt from personal property taxes in Charles County.

Views from Charles

Why Retailers Choose Charles County

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

As one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Maryland, Charles County is well-positioned to develop its retail industry to accommodate this growing population. We share four reasons why retailers choose Charles County.

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Debra Jones
Chief of Business Development

Charles County EDD
10665 Stanhaven Place

Suite 206

White Plains, MD 20695

Phone: 301-885-1344

“We are proud to be a key part of Charles County’s future and we heartily encourage other, cutting-edge companies to join us.”

Doug Egan
Chief Executive Officer
Competitive Power Ventures

“Charles County’s strategic location in the DC Metro region affords us networking and business opportunities with some of the top names in our industry."

George Nash
Director of Business Development