Charles County Energy Project Will Yield Long Term Economic and Environment Benefits

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) St. Charles Energy Center, a natural gas-fired power plant currently under construction, recently began overnight hauling operations. While there will be an increase in traffic over the next several weeks, with trucks moving large equipment to CPV, in the long term the County will benefit from the economic and environmental impact of the plant. CPV’s $750 million project will be one of the largest taxpayers in Charles County. It will create 350 to 400 jobs during the construction phase and 24 permanent jobs once complete.  Not only is the CPV project contributing to the economic vitality of the County, the company is also committed to the environmental benefits that will follow suit.  The plant will purchase reclaimed water - which will be used as the primary cooling source - from Charles County’s Mattawoman Treatment Plant, resulting in significantly reduced nitrogen and phosphorus discharges into waterways and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.   Emissions of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon will be 65 to 99 percent less than typical coal-fired plants.  The CPV plant will generate enough electricity to power around 700,000 homes and will be one of the cleanest natural gas-powered plants in the nation. 

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