4 Video Takeaways From the Fall Meeting

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

With four press releases and three news articles about the 2016 Fall Meeting, we know there are already a lot of words out there about the event. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video must be worth a million.

And, we have four!

In short, the following videos were shown at the Fall Meeting and encompass what was discussed and explain how we'll implement our 5-year economic development strategic plan.

Tell the Story 

We have to help the public understand the growth and economy of Charles County, and it is upon us to tell that story as accurately and concisely as possible. We have several outlets to tell the story, including social media and a monthly E-News, where we share our initiatives and what’s available in the community for business people.

Execute Effectively

Delivering quality economic development services to our clients (the business community) is very important. A new advisory board advises our director, Darrell Brown, and the department regarding policies, initiatives, and activities we are engaged in.

Enhance the Product

Our product is the county. Our assets are the people, businesses, great quality of life, education institutions, military facilities, and strategic location close to Washington DC. Enhancing the product is taking good places and making them better. Our quarterly business roundtables are important to us and an opportunity to interface with the business community.

The Big Picture

"It's all part of the big picture--the 3-legged stool, whereas, the project is the stool itself. We have the product, we have the service, and we have the marketing (telling the story). Put it all together and you have the project." -Marcia Keeth, Deputy Director

Thanks to our Fall Meeting attendees who gave feedback about the videos on the Fall Meeting survey!

Videos were excellent and a great modern touch that allowed for seamless transitions!

Videos were top notch!

I enjoyed the videos and how they served as an introduction for each topic and/or panel.

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