Posted by: Economic Development Team on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Local entrepreneurs will get a chance to pitch their business ideas and receive valuable support from business mentors and other leaders in the entrepreneurial space at Startup Maryland’s STRT1UP Road Show on July 18 at the Legends Club at Regency Furniture Stadium in St. Charles.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small businesses owner, consider registering to hop on the Startup Maryland bus on July 18 and pitch your idea or business on the STRT1UP Road Show mobile video studio. The pitch videos will be posted on the Startup Maryland YouTube channel, providing increased visibility for entrepreneurs or startups.

The tour is a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs and startups to shine, and the tour stop in Charles County will be the only one in the Southern Maryland region. This year’s stop is a collaboration of the Southern Maryland region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem partners, including: Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary’s County Economic Development Departments; Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO); Southern Maryland Innovation and Technology (SMIT); and the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. It’s also an opportunity for the community to come together to see the resources that are available to help local businesses and a valuable networking opportunity as well.

Interested in pitching your business idea? Here are some tips from Kim Mozingo, TechFire program manager and serial entrepreneur, on how to “perfect the pitch”.

  1. Get Registered. This is a key first step. Interested entrepreneurs can sign up to pitch on July 18 here.
  2. Know Your Why. Be prepared to talk about why your idea or business matters (not just to you) to your intended audience (customers or clients) and how that idea or business will provide a solution or fulfill a need/void. Be sure to have an “ask”—do you want investors, partners, customers?
  3. Tell A Story. The best presentations tell a memorable story and stand out from the hundreds to thousands of pitches people hear. Give your story a beginning, middle, and logical end, and make it interesting!
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice! The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be with your pitch. Practice in front of friends, family, strangers, the mirror, a video camera…and ask for feedback.
  5. Time Your Pitch. Pitches should not be so longwinded that your audience loses the point of your story (look at #3). A good rule of thumb for a pitch of this nature is to keep it about 3 minutes. It’s not a lot of time, so time your pitch when you practice, and try to time it when presenting to make sure you’re not running long.

The Charles County Economic Development Department is excited to be a partner in bringing Startup Maryland to Charles County. To learn more about how the EDD can help startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses, visit our Entrepreneurship page or contact us at info@meetcharlescounty.com.

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