ACCE Recognizes Charles County Chamber for Member Retention

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) recently recognized the Charles County Chamber of Commerce with a Membership Achievement Award for Member Retention, an award that acknowledges chambers with the most effective membership retention strategies nationwide.

The Charles County Chamber has developed and executed a highly effective member retention program, with particular success retaining members beyond the first year.

“Membership retention is fundamental to the Chamber because our members are our lifeblood,” explains Betsy Burian, president and CEO of the Charles County Chamber of Commerce. “The support of our members allows us to exist and continue championing them throughout Charles County and beyond.”

The Charles County Chamber provides support to local businesses through a number of different services and programs. The Chamber starts by identifying what tools and resources are needed for a business to succeed, and then leverages its services to help a business achieve its goals. The range of services offered to members include advertising opportunities, subscriptions to Chamber publications, representation at state and local levels, training and education, as well as the opportunity to join Chamber committees and councils.

“This award really speaks to the quality of our Chamber,” says Burian. “The Chamber consists of businesses that really care about the community around them – they’re honest, hardworking individuals – so being recognized for our ability to retain these businesses is a testament to the extensive efforts we put towards building strong relationships with our members.”

Alongside an acclaimed Chamber of Commerce, businesses in Charles County also find a community of consumers that love to support local business. The Chamber enhances this by facilitating introductions to local companies and promoting its members to local consumers.

“We are an organization of everyone’s neighbors,” says Burian. ” People come to us for good business recommendations that they can trust, and at the same time, we’re able to help our member businesses do more business.”

To learn more about the Charles County Chamber of Commerce, visit their website.

To learn about how the Economic Development Department supports local businesses, visit our Business Support page.

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