The Shifting Nature of Retail

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The retail industry is changing. How will Charles County adapt?

 As one of the most prominent industries in Charles County, the shifting nature of the retail industry is a hot topic locally and nationally. Our Fall Meeting has dedicated an entire panel discussion to this theme, where leading retailers will discuss the effect of these changes in our community, as well as trending experiences that have demonstrated success in the retailer space.

Retail Industry Panelists Experts

Krista Willson, Regional General Manager, Madison Marquette

Brian Gibbons, CEO, Greenberg Gibbons

Moderator, Taylor Yewell, Redevelopment Manager, Charles County Economic Development Department

Why does retail matter in Charles County?

Every community likely has a big box department store downsizing dilemma. Charles County is no exception. In the past year, the HH Gregg and Sports Authority stores in Waldorf have closed their doors for business. Although we’ve experienced these closures, Charles County is still a retailer giant with 704 merchandise stores and 247 restaurants across the county. These establishments are huge contributors to our local economy’s health. To illustrate its impact, the retail industry provides jobs to 22 percent of our employee population. Therefore it is crucial to discuss how our community can evolve.

What shifts can take place?

Perhaps the most monumental reason this shift must take place is because of consumer preferences, technology and rapidly changing business conditions. The consumer is king in this environment, so our panelists will discuss the reasons behind configuring spaces that are dynamic and adaptable as a way to accommodate an all-inclusive experience where people can eat, shop and play. “Our panelists will delve into the ways they are thinking innovatively to keep our bricks and mortar retail market thriving. These unique perspectives will give attendees expert insight on how to stay abreast of shifting trends in Charles County,” said Taylor Yewell, redevelopment manager at Charles County Department of Economic Development.

With a local economy so largely comprised of this industry, we expect a significant number of attendees involved in the retail marketplace. Our primary objective is providing our attendees with unique industry insight that will prepare them to rethink and retool their business practices to evolve with the latest customer experiences and preferences in the market.

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