The Future of Entrepreneurship

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Entrepreneurs are the essence of economic development. Without them, Charles County wouldn't be home to new industries or budding small businesses that bring vibrancy and character to our community.

“Promoting economic development through business innovation can have a substantial impact on economic growth,” said Lucretia Freeman-Buster, chief of business development at Charles County Economic Development. “Now is the time to accelerate our local economic growth through entrepreneurship.”

The Fall Meeting will emphasize entrepreneurship's importance with an entire panel discussion about its future in Charles County. Attendees will learn what it takes to succeed in Charles County’s small business market and understand the pitfalls of entrepreneurship and how to avoid them.

In today’s competitive business environment, small business owners face a multitude of challenges. They may have limited access to capital and cash flow management, or perhaps struggle to maintain a powerhouse workforce, or else they may face some other uncertainties surrounding an economic crisis. Our
industry experts will address these topics and more during their discussion.

Entrepreneurship Industry Panelists Experts:

Darlene Breck, Southern Maryland Business Center

David Hancock, Hancock Family Farms

Hadi Boustani, CHUTES International

Angela Melton-Fray, Fray Development, Inc.


Lucretia Freeman-Buster, Charles County Economic Development

Why does small business matter?

Small business makes a big impact. Successful entrepreneurs:

  • Create jobs and new business
  • Stimulate tax revenue
  • Inspire social change within communities

An increase in these types of contributions creates a booming environment for our community and paves the path for our future.

Charles County Backs Business

Charles County Economic Development Department works with entrepreneurs through every step of the business process. Our office works with our budding business owners to:

  • Select a sensible business location
  • Provide financial resources
  • Offer tax incentives
  • Connect with business resources

Ready to gain some guidance? Register for the Fall Meeting today! Learn more at

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