Meet the EDD: Lucretia Freeman-Buster

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

In our blog series, “Meet the EDD,” we regularly profile a member of our team. Through our interviews, we hope you get to know the hardworking members of our staff that are dedicated to the economic vitality of Charles County.

Lucretia Freeman-Buster joined the EDD in 2017 and serves as the department’s chief of business development. In her role, Lucretia is responsible for managing the department’s business development and engagement programs, which includes working with businesses seeking to locate or relocate to Charles County, directing the business retention and expansion program, and coordinating the department’s business assistance services and team.

Charles County Economic Development Department (EDD): What is your favorite thing about working for the EDD?

Lucretia Freeman-Buster (LFB): Since joining this collaborative team, my favorite part of working for the EDD has been the team spirit everyone brings to the table - most importantly when we’re working on projects.

EDD: What’s been your favorite project that you’ve worked on since joining the EDD?

LFB: My favorite project has been putting together a business development program for the EDD. The program centers on Business Retention and Expansion (BRE), as well as attracting further investments for our community and building the County’s agriculture business.

EDD: What are some things that people misunderstand about economic development? 

LFB: In my opinion, people think that economic development is only about business attraction and constructing new buildings. This is far from the truth. While both of those elements are an important part of the story, economic development also involves supporting our existing businesses, developing strategies to strengthen our economy and helping to spur innovation in our community.

EDD: Describe your ideal weekend.

LFB: My ideal weekend is chilling with my family - going somewhere special and having fun with one another. If there’s also seafood involved, that’s a plus.

EDD: What's the best dish you’ve cooked recently?

LFB: I'm a great cook, so it’s hard to choose only one dish. However, I would have to say garlic herb chicken with yellow rice.

EDD: Who inspires you? 

LFB: My mother. 

Want to get in touch with Lucretia? Connect with her on LinkedIn or via email at

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