Looking Local: Finding the Right Fit for Doctor Offices

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Thursday, February 1, 2018


Owner Basile Aziagbe and wife/Managing Director,
Dominika M. Plesiak

In a specialized industry like healthcare, having the technical skills to do the job is important, but according to Basile Aziagbe of Reliant Healthcare Solutions, there’s a lot more to finding the employee who is a perfect fit for a small medical office.

“Usually, if you have the skills, you get the job,” said Aziagbe.  “But, most doctors don’t realize, one of the main reasons they lose patients is the way they’re treated by staff,” said Aziagbe. That’s why he and his wife insist on visiting the doctor’s office to learn about their culture and meet personally with applicants to determine if they’re a match.

“Most of the people we place, we personally meet,” said Aziagbe.  “We look at their face, see if they have a smile. We want someone who will say ‘hi’ to the patients and make them feel welcome.”

Reliant Healthcare Solutions, located in White Plains, started in 2015 and follows the structure of a staffing agency, but most of their work is recruitment of full-time workers—not temporary staff.  Most of their clients are in Charles County, but they also serve Southern Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Some are local doctors who have additional offices outside Charles County.

“Geographically, we’re in the middle of everything,” said Aziagbe.  “Living in Charles County gives me access to those areas, and then I can come back home.” Charles County has been home to him since 2009, when he came as an employee of PNC Bank.

While managing business portfolios for the bank, Aziagbe would meet with business owners and talk to them about their needs. “I realized at one point that about 50% of clients were in the healthcare space, and what they really needed were good workers,” he said. “I looked into it and realized that there’s a big industry out there. Most of them are focused on finding people with the skills, not people who fit the organization. So, we built our company around that—finding the right fit.”

And, with a few years in the books, they might introduce a new service in 2019. “Our intention is to chew with small bites,” he said. “We want to do one thing well and then move to the next one. So next year, we might introduce a new service, which would be more like a practice management consultant. We could help doctors with a financial analysis and figure out how to run their businesses more efficiently.”

While matching doctor offices with potential employees, he finds Charles County to be a great fit for his business as well. “We want our kids to grow up in Charles County and go to school here,” he said.  “If you’re looking at cost, I think Charles County is the best place to run your business. I think there is potential here.”

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