CHUTES International Goes Global in Charles County

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

While people love the appearance of a shiny new high-rise or crisp hotel linens, few think about the process. Thankfully, the innovators at CHUTES International power that behind-the-scenes process. A master in the mechanics of debris removal and linen movement, CHUTES sells and leases systems that keep trash, recycling, and linen moving down and progress moving ahead.

CHUTES, which started out as a regional company employing 15-20 workers when it arrived in Charles County, has become an international presence employing 90. From aviation to hospitality, government to retail, their products fuel productivity in a variety of markets. Heidi Wood, the administration manager and corporate secretary, notes that Charles County Economic Development assisted with resources that supported their growth. The Charles County Economic Development Department’s “concern about being able to provide what we need is very memorable,” she remembers.

Before moving to their current location in Waldorf, CHUTES operated out of White Plains. When they outgrew the space, the company considered relocating to Delaware, but conversations with Deputy Director Marcia Keeth and profitable state initiatives drove their decision to expand locally. “The county has been working extremely hard over the past several years to listen to the business owners, to make changes, and to adapt,” Wood observes.

Wood believes that remaining in Charles County was a savvy business decision. “The beauty of Charles County is that you’re still close enough to the cities,” she explains. CHUTES, whose key sales items are permanent internal chutes for trash, recycling, and linen, must be within easy reach of major East Coast markets, with port and rail links close at hand.

Ease of access leads to higher employee satisfaction as well. “People are thrilled when they can go from a one-and-a-half to two-hour commute and drop it to 15-30 minutes,” says Wood. “We have folks who can run home for lunch.”

CHUTES’ business strategy has been so successful that the company is entering the international market, partnering with companies in Mexico. They are excited to expand their market share, while keeping a commitment to quality control.

Wood urges businesses interested in expanding in or relocating to Charles County to explore the county’s assets. Shovel-ready and high-visibility real estate is available, the workforce is motivated, and the resources are robust. To learn more, explore our Business Support page.

  • A front-runner in debris removal, CHUTES International has led the industry in safety, product development, education, training, and support since 1989. Headquartered in Charles County, CHUTES innovates debris removal systems essential to construction, hospitality, demolition, and renovation on an international scale. Their technology, workmanship, and manufacturing processes are locally grown and American-made.

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