Professional Services Support Small Businesses On the Front Lines

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Veteran-owned Balancelogic of Waldorf supplies our small businesses and workers on the front lines with what they need to continue their mission.  Many of these entrepreneurs are doing all they can do to keep their small business going, and at some point, are going to need a resupply. In the Marines, that might mean food or sleep for weary Marines. In the small business world, it’s professional services, like IT and marketing support, that can make all the difference.

“This is where we come in,” says Bill Campbell, founder and CEO of Balancelogic. “Just like the military on the front lines, small businesses are going to run out of gas and run out of supplies, and when they do that, they’re stagnant. They’re not productive. We come in and support our small businesses with what they need to move forward.”

Campbell started Balancelogic in August 2004, shortly after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, and just celebrated 15 years in Waldorf. He started the business out of his garage after recognizing a need for small businesses to have many of the same support services that large businesses do.

His business started by focusing on bookkeeping and IT services, hence the name, Balancelogic (balanced books and technology based on logic). Today, their clients are all small businesses or nonprofits, and the top three services are managed IT services and cybersecurity, web site and graphic design, and small business marketing strategy and services.

A couple of years ago, Balancelogic acquired another company which provided expertise in small business phone systems, primarily the Avaya IP Office phone system, one of the top systems for small businesses.  With a vast array of features and capabilities, coupled with the simplicity of use, this system is hard to match. This allowed the business to expand their small business service offerings. Cybersecurity is also a growing part of Balancelogic’s portfolio. Campbell and another colleague are professionally trained in ethical hacking, and they work a lot with healthcare providers in the area of HIT (healthcare information technology).

Balancelogic is in the perfect location to support clients in the DC Metro Area and the Baltimore-Richmond corridor, but Campbell admits, he’d prefer to avoid the traffic and do most of his work locally. Additionally, much of their work can be done remotely.

“A huge benefit of working in Charles County is, I have a 10-minute commute,” says Campbell, “but I think a bigger plus is, you get to work with your community. They’re the ones who are trusting us, giving us their business, and relying on our expertise. So, I love giving back to the community.” He volunteers and is an advocate for local small businesses. “Just working inside the community, knowing the people—there’s nothing like it.”

Campbell sees Charles County as a tight-knit community, and believes anyone considering a business here should be a “community type” of person.  “Trusting people, working within the community, and understanding that you are a part of the community is important,” he says. His advice to entrepreneurs is to “make sure you have a passion and listen to your heart. Don’t listen to naysayers, and like anything we do in life, have a great support system. It’s not easy.”

For small businesses, Balancelogic can fill the gap with some of the big business operations needed to grow. For more information on how the Charles County Economic Development Department can help, visit .

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