Meinhardt Properties Grows in Charles County

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Thursday, December 5, 2019

During the last decade, demand for office space nationwide has enjoyed steady growth. Businesses want amenity-rich, class-A spaces featuring green technologies and smart design, and Meinhardt Properties’ Charles County offerings fit the bill.

Meinhardt Properties is the engine behind White Plains Corporate Business Center I through IV, which houses leading health and business service providers—targeted growth industries within the county. “There is a market here for Class A space, and it has been successful,” states Randall Williams, President of the company. A confluence of factors such as population growth and location keep occupancy rates and demand for services high. “We are committed to continuing to grow in Charles County,” Williams states proudly.

White Plains Corporate Center was started by Williams’s grandfather, Alvin Meinhardt, who was willing to take a risk on class-A office space in Charles County. In a development agreement, Charles County Government ran utilities to the site, and Meinhardt began the development of the office park. The first building was completed in 2007, and demand for space was so strong that the second building got underway soon thereafter.

Today, Randall Williams has taken over his grandfather’s role heading up the company. The office park now includes four office buildings – including the newest, solar-powered building – a flex building, and a bank. In fact, Meinhardt Properties is one of the reasons that the White Plains area of Charles County has become an employment hub with office, industrial, medical, retail, and restaurants.

Williams notes the importance of public/private sector collaboration. “Working together, the Charles County commissioners and economic development team are supporting commercial growth in Charles County.”

According to a 2019 real estate outlook published by JP Morgan Chase & Company, escalating metropolitan rents are leading many corporations to decentralize to areas with lower costs. Charles County’s turnkey, flex, pad, and built to suit spaces are at the ready. Williams agrees. “The commercial real estate outlook in Charles County is very good,” he states.

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