Charles County Native Celebrates Five Years in Medical Practice

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Thursday, January 23, 2020

Dr. Thomas Shelton opened the doors of his La Plata practice in January 2015 with the desire to help the people of his hometown reach a better quality of life through health and wellness. Now celebrating five years in business, loyal patients and those new to chiropractic care have found just that at Shelton Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy.

“I knew in the 10th grade that I wanted to be a chiropractor,” said Dr. Shelton, “and I knew I wanted to own my own business.” After graduation from La Plata High School, he started his undergraduate education at the College of Southern Maryland. “It was a cost-effective college with a lot of skilled professors,” he said. “I got my first 90 credits there that I needed to get into Logan University (in Missouri).”  It was at Logan that he finished his Bachelor of Science in Biological Arts and then a Doctorate in Chiropractic Care.

Family life drew Dr. Shelton back to Charles County. He said, “Most of my family lives here, and I like La Plata in particular because it’s a smaller town, and things tend to move at a slower pace, which I enjoy.” As for having his own business, he likes setting his own hours, working at his own pace, and being able to dictate how he interacts with clients. That includes taking the time to listen to and examine patients thoroughly, which improves treatment outcomes.

“There is just something amazing about making people feel better with nothing but your own two hands,” he explained. His intuitive knowledge of human body mechanics, natural therapies, and proven chiropractic techniques have granted relief from chronic and acute back pain, relentless migraines, sleep disturbances, personal injuries, and a host of musculoskeletal, nerve, and joint issues.

Five years is a celebrated milestone in any business, but in the healthcare industry, a doctor must continue to achieve positive results for his patients on a consistently reliable basis. He credits referrals from satisfied patients as the cornerstone of growth and success for his practice.

On his five years, he said, “It is a big milestone for me, and it doesn’t seem like five years have already passed.”

To learn more about Shelton Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, visit their website at For more information on how the Charles County Economic Development Department can help your business, visit

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