Our Regional Hospital and Its Ever-Expanding Network of Care

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

We welcome this guest blog post from the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center.

Charles County is one of Maryland’s fastest-growing counties. It’s highly educated and affluent. Every year, more and more people call it home.

Amid such growth and expansion, the need for excellent medical care has never been greater.

Fortunately, our county is home to University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center, which in recent years has grown to become so much more than simply a community hospital. It opened its doors more than 80 years ago as Physician’s Memorial Hospital. It later became Civista Medical Center before joining the University of Maryland Medical System in 2011.

This affiliation resulted in yet another new name –– UM Charles Regional Medical Center –– but more importantly, a rebirth. Now the hospital, a mainstay along Charles Street in La Plata, has access to a statewide network of support and resources, empowering it to provide a level of health care that far exceeds anything Charles County has ever seen.

Along with a collection of outpatient practices, the hospital now employs more than 900 people. It is among the county’s largest employers and its citizens’ leading resource for expert medical care. Many who once believed that they needed to travel to Washington, D.C., or Baltimore to find the best medical care have now discovered that they can find all they need, right here at home.

Here are just some of the successes that illustrate the vital role UM Charles Regional plays in our community.

2019 By the Numbers

In fiscal 2019, the hospital had 6,049 admissions and 51,592 Emergency Department visits. Its staff performed 712 inpatient surgeries and 1,627 outpatient surgeries. And 712 children were born at UM Charles Regional.

A New Hub of Outpatient Care

The UM Charles Regional Medical Pavilion opened recently and is the home of a growing list of affiliated outpatient practices. The facility is located off of Washington Avenue near Rosewick Road in La Plata. It currently houses UM Charles Regional Medical Group – Primary Care, UM Charles Regional Medical Group – Neurology, UM Charles Regional Imaging and UM Charles Regional Rehabilitation.

Preparations are underway to welcome additional practices into the building soon.

Affiliated Practices Across the County

The hospital offers even more outpatient practices in La Plata and Waldorf aimed at providing top-notch medical care and unparalleled convenience to our citizens. Those practices include Women’s Health, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, and Surgical Care.

The Center for Diabetes Education also offers individual and group classes led by a certified diabetes educator for adults with type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Services include insulin instruction, blood sugar meter training, nutrition education and instruction, and injectable training.

An Innovative Approach to Wound Healing

The UM Charles Regional Center for Wound Healing brings together a multidisciplinary group of experienced physicians to help patients dealing with chronic wounds. Designed for patients with wounds that do not respond to traditional treatment, the Center utilizes innovative technologies and treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bio-engineered tissue substitutes and platelet growth technology to succeed where previous treatments have fallen short.

A Primary Stroke Center

Designated as a Primary Stroke Center by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems, the hospital offers a support group for survivors of stroke or traumatic brain injury and their caregivers.

Mobile Integrated Healthcare

UM Charles Regional offers Mobile Integrated Healthcare, a unique collaboration with Charles County Department of Emergency Medical Services and Charles County Department of Health. As a result of this team approach, MIH brings outreach services to homebound patients in need of access to the right level of health care provider at the right time.

The Introduction of Telemedicine

UM Charles Regional began offering telemedicine services in 2017, with board-certified psychiatrists providing behavioral health care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to patients. In the hospital’s Emergency Department, telemedicine allows expanded access to care, reduced wait time for specialist care and accelerated treatment for patients.

Many of UM Charles Regional’s outpatient practices also offer patients the opportunity to do follow-up visits via video call with their health care providers.

With all of this expertise and innovation within its walls and far beyond, UM Charles Regional is further cementing its place as a cornerstone of our community and an invaluable resource to us all. Strengthened by the hospital’s association with the University of Maryland Medical System, the future is bright for a healthier Charles County.

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