Living Local, Working Global: Zekiah Technologies Talks Home Team Advantage

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Zekiah Swamp Natural Environmental Area is a sprawling expanse of woodland and wetland that’s a local and national treasure. Like its namesake, Zekiah Technologies is a treasure in its own right—an ecosystem where lush ideas take hold and thrive. Within its La Plata headquarters, a nationally recognized team of innovators, engineers, and developers tackle critical technology problems for clients across the globe.

“We really are hometown folks solving global problems,” says Steve Bowling, the company president who is Charles County born and bred. Founded by his sister-in-law, Brianna, his brother Dan, and firm partner Steve Kuiper, the team put Zekiah on the map with their cyber, systems engineering, software, and geographic information solutions. Whether they’re advising the West Wing or supporting missions for Central Command, Zekiah remains homegrown and humble. From their blog celebrating the benefits of “working local” to their mentorship of local interns, Zekiah isn’t a business located in the county; it’s rooted in the county.

As Zekiah supports Charles County, the region reciprocates, providing the resources, workforce, and convenience they depend on to get results for their clients. From certifications at the College of Southern Maryland to quality of life attributes attractive to employees, Bowling believes that Charles County has it all. “Charles County does have a thriving and growing population that does help supply our workforce,” he says. On the lookout for educated professionals seeking a work-life balance unattainable in D.C., Bowling praises Charles County’s high standard of living for young families. Flexible scheduling and educational reimbursement are some of the benefits creating a balanced culture at Zekiah.

The county’s strategic location gives Zekiah a competitive edge in the crowded world of federal contracting. Clients in the D.C. and Northern Virginia areas are close enough that meetings are “a short drive and not a plane ride away,” Bowling notes. In fact, Zekiah’s central location among naval installations at Indian Head, Dahlgren, and Patuxent River keep the firm nimble.

Charles County’s locale is ideal for federal contracting companies looking to locate or expand their businesses. In fact, approximately 5,000 Department of Defense civilian employees live locally. Within the industry, collaboration between companies is the norm, so Bowling sees potential for federal contractors to prosper in Charles County. “It really comes down to the quality of life,” he says, pointing out that meaningful work and play make Charles County one-of-a-kind.

Charles County fuels federal contracting opportunities. Visit our Federal Contracting webpage or contact us at  to learn more about financing, talent development, and industry partnerships.


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