Making the Move to Online Education

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Thursday, April 2, 2020

We called Brianna Bowling, local entrepreneur and business coach, this week to talk about her Retreat and Learn business in Newburg, but the conversation quickly turned to how she’s converting all her workshops into online trainings. “I’m actually super busy,” she said. “I’ve been learning a lot.”

Just this week, Bowling’s consulting company, Brindan, launched a Facebook Live series that’s hosted on the Zekiah Technologies Facebook page. The learning series covers topics related to employment in this new remote work environment. The first one, posted on Tuesday, March 31, was an interview with a Zekiah recruiter and focused on Tips to Help You Do Video Interviewing. Live trainings are scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 pm on the Facebook page.

“The Facebook Live trainings are 10 minutes or less, and people can tune in to Facebook while they are live and use the chat room,” said Bowling. “We can answer questions and have audience interaction, similar to an in-person workshop.”

Brindan is also converting its workshops into webinars and held its first webinar this week on time management while working from home. “We had 10 people in the class,” said Bowling. “Using GoToMeetings, we all share our screens, and you can see everyone sitting in their home office. Everyone goes mute, and they unmute when they have a question.” With this technique, you don’t get background noise and feedback. Bowling shares her screen and slides, and a window in the corner of the screen shows her talking while the slides are up. Zoom is another popular tool for webinars.

How do you go from live workshops to online and keep that personal interaction where people feel like they’re part of a class? It can be a struggle, but it’s important to show your face. When the students turn on their video, if feels like everyone is together. The online tools allow for dialogue and questions just like a class. “If you don’t have that, you might as well buy a CD and watch it like a movie,” says Bowling. “I want it to be active and have the ability to share.”

Now is the time, more than ever, for businesses to think about what they can move online. “Everyone is going to online distribution of education and learning,” said Bowling. “I think this is a pivot for our entire nation. Pivot now. Now is the time to make it happen.”

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