Charles Countyís JustTech One of Nationís Fastest Growing Companies During COVID-19

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

In August 2020, four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Inc. magazine revealed that JustTech of La Plata was number 1442 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

“I never imagined when I started this company at 25 that JustTech would one day be on the Inc. 5000 list,” said Joshua Justice, Founder, Owner, & President of JustTech. He started the business in 2006 in Waldorf, as a provider of Xerox equipment, but in 2010, after the financial recession, they decided to be more a services-oriented company. So, they started providing maintenance and supplies for the equipment they sold directly.

According to Justice, this turned into a steady and large amount of recurring revenue for them. “It really made us a larger and stronger company in Southern Maryland,” he said. “We also got involved in managed IT services and grew that in Southern Maryland because that was another complimentary, recurring service.” In 2017, they started acquiring smaller, print-oriented resellers and brought managed IT to their clients. They eventually had to move to a larger office in La Plata, and their revenue has increased 60% the last three years.

Business was booming, and Justice said, “I told everyone, we were building a recession-proof business. With these recurring services, we wouldn’t need transactional sales every month to make our payroll.”


Recession-Proof, But What About an Unprecedented Pandemic?

Then in March, COVID-19 hit. “We were recession-proof, said Justice, “but I never envisioned that people wouldn’t come to the office. Our IT revenue was steady, but our managed print revenue decreased 60%. I was shocked. I just never imagined this scenario, where people weren’t printing at all.” Their managed IT business, however, grew. They’ve taken on 20 additional clients since the pandemic began. He noted that everyone needs help, whether it be connecting remotely, VPN, staying connected, or sharing files

They also wanted to make sure their clients made it through. Justice made a lot of phone calls to check up on them and started a biweekly email blast sharing business resources that were available through the County, State, and Federal Government. “I was trying to get out information, because every client that we lose, we have to try hard to find another client. And, they’re like family.” In return, he said the Southern Maryland community has been great to him.


Helping Clients Navigate Through COVID-19

JustTech launched a campaign in mid-March, and during the next several weeks, they shared financial resources for businesses, solutions for connecting remotely (VPN), solutions for printing and scanning documents in remotely, remote collaboration tools like MS Teams, and a free eGoldFax service for 60 days.

In early April, they invested $15,000 in thousands of social distancing floor graphics to donate to their clients. The floor decals encouraged staying six feet apart and reducing the spread of the virus. Profits from the floor decals were donated to the 100 Million Mask Challenge, which helps provide caregivers with personal protective equipment (PPE).

In May, seeing many businesses open back up or bring workers back into the office, JustTech launched Your Technology Package for the New Normal. It contains many of the items that businesses need to protect employees and guests who come into the office, like "remember to wash” decals, masks, sanitizing wipes, and touchless head thermometers. The package also includes tech-related tools needed to allow employees to work offsite, like mobile ready continuity, remote secure access, and network support.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, JustTech is still getting contracts. They keep growing. Justice said, “By no means is this our most profitable year, but you know, as long as we don’t show a loss, I consider it a win.  We’re just working hard and keep moving. I feel like that’s what you have to do right now.”

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