TCCSMD Offers SkillUp Southern Maryland

Posted by: Ruthy Davis, Director, Regional Workforce & Business Development, TCCSMD on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

SkillUp Southern Maryland is a free program providing over 5,000 online job skills courses to local residents and businesses. 


In an effort to both increase the skills of the region’s workforce and provide residents with tools to train for new job opportunities, Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland (TCCSMD), with funding provided by Rural Maryland Council, has launched its SkillUp® Southern Maryland program. All Southern Maryland residents are eligible and can take classes, explore career pathways, and even prepare for various industry-recognized certifications, all for free and all from home.

Through an online portal, TCCSMD provides free access to over 5,000 courses from Skillsoft, a nationally recognized training provider of workplace, business, technical and IT courses.

“Through SkillUp® Southern Maryland, our workforce development board can serve a significantly larger portion of our community and enhance our overall career services offering,” said TCCSMD Director of Regional Workforce & Business Development Ruthy Davis. “In addition, we are providing the tools necessary to upskill our local workforce and increase the pool of qualified candidates to support our existing and potential local businesses.”

Whether they are looking for a first job, a new job, or to advance in their chosen field, residents can take advantage of this career enhancing training. SkillUp® Southern Maryland delivers flexible, self-paced learning that can be accessed from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection, 24/7. Users will complete a self-assessment of their skills, identify any skill gaps, and automatically receive recommended courses to remediate those gaps. Jobseekers can train in essential workplace skills, study job interview talking points, and search for employment opportunities nationwide.

Available topics include Microsoft Office, Effective Customer Service, Project Management, Leadership, Critical Thinking, CompTIA, and many more.

Click below for a 1-minute video overview of SkillUp® Southern Maryland. To enroll online, learners can visit

Local businesses can take advantage of SkillUp® Southern Maryland for new hire training. Custom curricula can be developed pertinent to a particular employer or industry. Businesses can also access the platform’s employer portal to identify skilled candidates or list their job openings. Interested employers can contact TCCSMD at

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