A Look at Charles County’s Labor Force

Posted by: Economic Development Department on Thursday, September 2, 2021

In 1894, the U.S. Congress passed a bill making the first Monday in September a federal holiday – Labor Day.  At first, it was a holiday for just federal workers, but a few decades into the 20th century it became a day off for workforce in all sectors.  As we head into Labor Day 2021, let’s take a look at the people who make up Charles County’s labor force.

According to the U.S. Census American Community Survey [1], there are roughly 81,000 employed people living in Charles County. The gender split is just about even, though the women slightly outnumber the men at about 41,000. 

Two-thirds of the county’s workforce – 65.7% -- are employed by private companies; 31.2% are government workers; and 3% are self-employed.  And if you’re doing the math, that missing 0.1% are what the Census calls unpaid family workers. 


Top 3 Occupations and Industries

The top three occupations for Charles County residents are management, business, science and arts at 42%; sales and office occupations at 21.7%; and service occupations at 17.9%. The top three industries they work for are educational services and health care at 20.5%; public administration at 18.8%; and professional, scientific, and management at 13.9%.

A Talented Workforce

These are the people we talk about when we brag that Charles County has a talented and well-educated workforce.  Of the Charles County residents 25 or older, 37.4% have post-high-school degrees – 8.5% associates, 17.2% bachelor’s, and 11.7% graduate degrees.


Tapping Into Our Workforce

So how does a business go about tapping into this workforce?  In Economic Development, we often refer businesses to the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland’s (TCC) workforce division.  TCC’s Business Engagement Team offers FREE business and employee development services to local employers.  They offer:

  • Free Connections to Local Talent -  The Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE) is an internet-based, self-service system where employers and job seekers can find each other. TCC’s Business Engagement Specialists help businesses register and assist with posting jobs.
  • Labor Recruitment and Development - Candidate recruitment, pre-screening, and referring qualified candidates.
  • Employee Training Grants - Funding for training and upskilling current employees. Eligible businesses qualify for up to $25K funding for this program year.
  • Human Resources Consulting - Assisting employers with local, state, and federal tax credits. Customized Labor Market Information (LMI) for specific employers, sectors, industries, or clusters
  • Weekly Hot Jobs List - A list of job openings circulated to partners throughout the region
  • Business Resource Map – a listing of business support organizations throughout Southern Maryland

Whether you’re a Charles County resident who is part of the labor force or a Charles County business who provides jobs, thank you for what you do.  Happy Labor Day!


[1] American Community Survey 2015-2019

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