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Posted by: Economic Development Team on Friday, September 10, 2021

As the world’s largest online retailer, nearly everyone knows who Amazon is. And, many will recall, in 2020, Charles County became a site for a new Amazon Last Mile “Delivery Station” in Waldorf. Lesser known is a Charles County business, TAC Delivery Service LLC, that is responsible for delivering primarily to the Waldorf area.

Amazon doesn’t deliver the packages themselves; they contract with Delivery Service Providers (DSPs), like TAC Delivery Service, who hire the drivers to deliver packages and manage the process. TAC stands for Timely, Accurate, and Complete, not just a name, but something the company considers their standard of performance.


Getting a Contract with Amazon

Husband and wife team, Chris and Tonya Magee, decided in 2019 to go into business for themselves. Neither of them had a background in delivery services, but a radio ad about the Amazon DSP program piqued their interest. “My husband is a veteran,” said Mrs. Magee, “and we also heard it was a good opportunity for vets. We applied for a contract, and we thought it would be a much longer process than it was. The vetting process moved much faster than we anticipated.”

Mr. Magee flew out to Seattle for a series of extensive interviews. Shortly thereafter Amazon offered them a contract, but there was nothing available locally. Mrs. Magee said,” We wanted to be somewhere around the [Capital] Beltway, so we were given options to wait and see what happened, or we could go to Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, California, or St. Louis.”

They chose Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania as the place to start their business in 2019. When the new Amazon center in Waldorf opened in 2021, they were given the opportunity to come back to Charles County, and they did.


Moving Back to Charles County

“This was a good opportunity to come back home, “said Mrs. Magee, “but it meant we had to start our business all over. It was a struggle coming back during the pandemic. We were too far away for our current employees to pick up and follow us to Maryland, so we basically had to start all over again.”

One thing they didn’t have to find was commercial space. They already had a fleet of vans from the business in Pennsylvania, and Amazon provided them with offsite parking.

The COVID pandemic that struck in March 2020 was a catalyst for their business. Mr. Magee commented, “After the Christmas season in 2019, there was a downturn in demand. Then, when COVID hit, we saw an uptick in demand, and we had to staff up.” The business continues to expand.


Getting a Job with Amazon

People might be intrigued by the idea of delivering packages for a retail giant like Amazon, but Mrs. Magee warns, “It’s not an easy job.” It requires being fairly competent with technology, or at least using a cell phone, following instructions to a tee, and getting in and out of a van 150-200 times a day. You also need to be 21 years old, with a good driving record, pass a background check and be comfortable operating a large vehicle. Safety is their main concern. “We do have to continue to staff, because the demand for small package deliveries continues to grow,“ Mrs. Magee said.

On their website, they promote a favorable work environment where each TAC employee is regarded as an associate and treated with dignity and respect. They celebrate diversity and empowerment. Learn about open delivery positions here.


Community Involvement

Since their start in Pennsylvania, TAC likes to support local businesses. They try to network and partner, especially with businesses where they can help each other. “We like working with the local body shops,” said Mrs. Magee. “Amazon does have national agreements in place for repairs, oil changes, and standard maintenance, but the local body shops can do the repairs on our vans that we need, too.”

To learn more about the Amazon DSP program, visit here. To learn more about how Charles County Economic Development can help your business, visit our Business Support web page

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