Charles County Fall Meeting 2021: Opening Doors

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Monday, September 27, 2021

The Charles County Economic Development Department will hold its Annual Fall Meeting on Tuesday, November 2nd from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.  This year, the event will be offered as a hybrid meeting; guests have the option to attend in person at CSM’s Velocity Center in the Town of Indian Head or join the meeting online. 

The agenda for the 2021 Annual Fall Meeting is titled “Opening Doors.” The program will explore opening doors – metaphorically – to diverse, equitable, and inclusive entrepreneurship and opening doors – literally – to the commercial real estate market of the future.  


Entrepreneurship for All

Equitable business opportunities strengthen our community and local economy.  Charles County’s population is now about 50% African American, and many of these residents are – or will be – seeking to start and grow businesses.  We must create an atmosphere of inclusivity by providing access to entrepreneurial resources, connecting our diverse community, and offering everyone a seat at the table. Charles County business leaders and entrepreneurs will explore resources and challenges for equitable entrepreneurship with a diverse panel of business men and women sharing their success stories. 


Commercial Real Estate

COVID has changed our ways of living, working, interacting, and doing business. This era of accelerated change has led us to reevaluate where and how we work, how we interact, and the facilities where commerce takes place.  What does an evolving commercial real estate market look like—today and in the years to come? A panel of real estate experts will discuss the impact of COVID on office spaces, retail centers, and other commercial real estate with a focus on what to expect in the future.


Anirban Basu

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Charles County Annual Fall Meeting without everybody’s favorite economist, Anirban Basu.  Mr. Basu returns to provide his trademark fast-paced, insightful, and occasionally amusing look at the economic indicators, trends, and other factors that hint at where our economy is headed.


Event highlights
  • Keynote Speaker Anirban Basu, economist and CEO of Sage Policy Group, will forecast Maryland’s and Charles County’s economic outlook for 2022.
  • A Charles County Economic Development Department update
  • Commercial real estate in focus: a panel discussion
  • Inclusive entrepreneurial resources for a diverse population, including a fast-paced IGNITE session with local entrepreneurs

Join us at Opening Doors and dive into how Charles County is positioning businesses to thrive. Also, access the resources for long-term business success. Click here to learn more.

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