HH Logistics Planning Takes the Stress Out of Relocating

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Thursday, September 30, 2021

Many of us have moved or relocated at some point in our lives.  The thought of relocating a few staff to a temporary space or relocating an entire agency involves enough details to make anyone’s head spin. Charles County-based HH Logistics Planning, LLC (HHLP) exists to ease transitions through a series of customized relocation planning practices and move management services.  

The HHLP team has over 28 years in the construction/project management industry, specializing in complex logistics planning projects. They work with architects, construction managers, facility managers, developers, and designers to assess the project scope, determine the overall project schedule, and prequalify vendors best suited for their project.   In addition, HHLP works alongside the project team in determining future operations, equipment needs, IT integration, facility closures, and eventually grand openings.

HHLP has provided these services to government agencies, schools, libraries, courthouses, and medical facilities resulting in minimized disruptions to daily business operations.  HHLP maintains that while the construction team’s focus is on “getting the building ready for the people”, HHLP’s focus is on “getting the people ready for the building”.  

“At the initial project kickoff meeting, we often hear clients say they are elated that a business like ours exists,” said owner Yolonda Higdon. “It’s such a great niche because move planning, implementation, and execution can be extremely challenging. We are successful, because as the client’s liaison, we assume the entire move project, allowing our clients to focus on their assigned duties.” 


Important Business Certifications

HH Logistics has been in Charles County since 2001 and a registered SLBE (Small Local Business Enterprise) business since 2012. They are also MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified in Charles County; MBE certified with Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT); SBA 8(a) and CBE (Certified Business Enterprise) in Washington DC.  These certifications are all important for small businesses interested in contracting with state and local governments.


A Big ProjecT

Just recently, HHLP completed the relocation of the Historical Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library located in downtown Washington DC.  In 2017, as part of the services contracted and in preparation for the construction of the newly constructed/renovated library, HHLP inventoried all the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) located throughout the library and was integral in the development of the disposition plan (used to determine reuse, surplus, and/or disposal of all FF&E and shelving).

Upon construction completion in 2020, HHLP was rehired to provide the project management support needed to return staff and contents into the newly constructed library. This project involved over 40,000 linear feet of shelving, five levels of offices for over 20 departments, and several ancillary spaces to include a digital fabrication laboratory.  The entire project lasted over four years.


A Pandemic Pivot

When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, the business had to pivot. “Our business is completely ‘hands on’,” said Higdon, “and our normal process during the physical move is to work alongside the agency-assigned move coordinators, ensuring that what had been identified as relocating is labeled and moved to the new location. COVID completely changed all of this!”

Because of the pandemic, HHLP pivoted to conducting virtual sessions by departments to ensure that everything was accounted for. “For the first time, we had to virtually conduct move activities without the client(s) on site. We had to use laptops and phones to display that what we labeled is actually what was to be relocated to the new office or department.” With a lot of offices downsizing due to COVID-19 and with the growth in Southern Maryland, Higdon believes there is plenty of work for businesses requiring her company’s services in Charles County.


Doing Business in Charles County

“Charles County is a great place for business, with its diversity and business resources like the Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the College of Southern Maryland and the Charles County Economic Development Department” said Higdon.  In addition to multiple certifications, she also connects with local businesses through the Charles County Chamber of Commerce and Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce.

To learn more about resources for your local and/or minority-owned business, check our Local & Minority Business Programs page or contact Lucinia Mundy, Business Development Specialist, at 301-885-1340 x2202 or MundyL@MeetCharlesCounty.com

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