Meet Steve Scott, Co-Chair of Our Business Outreach Committee

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Our Business Outreach Committee (BOC) was formed a year ago to focus on the issues our Charles County businesses are facing post COVID-19 and advance economic opportunity for our local businesses and residents. Steve Scott, owner of Scott Law Group LLC in La Plata, is helping steer this committee as its Co-Chair.

Before joining the BOC, Scott was already familiar with the work of the Economic Development Department (EDD). He had served on our Business Retention Committee as well as our Advisory Board and COVID Recovery Task Force. As a local business attorney focusing on business and real estate transactions, his expertise and background are perfect for the job.

Scott’s family moved to Charles County in 1976, and he started practicing law here in 1992. “I like the sense of community and the history in Charles County,” he said. “I like to watch the business community grow and prosper and to be able to serve the community at large.” He also likes the diverse business opportunities, both in terms of the types of businesses and diversity of business ownership.

Scott Law Group

Scott Law Group has been in Charles County for more than 25 years and specializes in business and real estate transactions, as well as land use and zoning. They provide businesses the essential insight and foresight to help reduce their risk, overcome challenges, and grow their business.

His institutional knowledge of the business community and legal background focusing on business and the regulatory environment are what he brings to the BOC. Scott knows many of the businesses but admits, as the county changes, there are more he still wants to meet. He said, “Over the years, I’ve been active in the Chamber and various committees. I try to stay up to date on new businesses and opportunities.”

Vision for the Business Outreach Committee

“I’d like to see the Business Outreach Committee become a conduit of information from County government to the business community,” Scott said. “We’ve talked about trying to focus and refine our message to the business community. I hope to help give business owners the confidence to retain their businesses in Charles County and to continue their efforts. I know they can do it. That’s my hope anyway.”

About working with the Economic Development Department, he added, “It is a real pleasure working with the EDD. You guys are talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable. I think that often you don’t get the credit that you deserve for your service to the county.  The efforts you are taking are very much appreciated. “

Learn more about the Business Outreach Committee in this previous blog. We’ll be featuring Steve Scott’s co-chair next!

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