Logistics Planning Business Speaks Highly of the Charles County Business Growth Advantage Program (BGAP)

Posted by: Economic Development Team on Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Yolanda Higdon, owner of HH Logistics Planning, was one of 14 Charles County business owners selected to participate in Charles County Economic Development’s first 8-week Business Growth Advantage Program (BGAP). Nearing the end of the program, she wrote to us in appreciation for the invaluable business training she’s received and encouraging other businesses to apply. Below are Ms. Higdon’s own words.

We are currently immersed with invaluable topics and information that is beneficial to small businesses across the board, no matter the areas of services or products provided.

Will Holmes of William Holmes Consultants, the facilitator of this program, is both knowledgeable and proficient in various business topics.  A host of professional panelists participate in selected sessions and are also available for two, one-on-one consultations as a part of the program.  Another plus to this program is that the sessions are all virtual, so we can participate from the comfort of our homes or offices.

Appreciation and thanks also go to Ms. Lucretia Freeman-Buster and her dedicated staff for providing this outstanding program.  My entire team joins me in thanking the EDD for providing such a superb program.  We all learned a great deal and were fascinated by the knowledgeable panelists and mentors provided.

How BGAP Will Strengthen HH Logistics Planning

HH Logistics Planning has been in Charles County since 2001 and a registered Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) business since 2012.  Our growing pains have included staffing, recruitment, and time management, all of which BGAP panelists provide guidance and knowledge. BGAP training has helped me in many ways as I think about growing my business. This training has helped me understand the importance of knowing all aspects of my business financials, staying in compliance, and insuring my company, which will allow me to grow my company beyond my wildest dreams! 

It is opportunities such as these that allow small businesses to grow, thrive, and stay in business.  HH Logistics Planning is proud that we were selected to be a part of this program.  Upon completion of this program, not only will we walk away with a certificate of completion, a wealth of knowledge, access to professional and knowledgeable consultants, and relationships with fellow cohorts, but on top of all of that, we’ll get paid for participating! [Participants who attend all BGAP sessions and graduate will receive a $10,000 grant to implement what they learned.]

This program is a win-win for all small businesses looking to grow, be successful, and thrive.  I highly recommend this program to all Charles County Small Businesses.  Check out https://www.meetcharlescounty.com/business-growth-advantage-program-bgap/ for more information.

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