CPV St. Charles Energy Center

Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) St. Charles Energy Center is a 725-megawatt, combined-cycle, natural gas-fired power plant located within the St. Charles area of Waldorf and is one of the cleanest natural gas-fired power plants in the nation, generating enough electricity to power roughly 700,000 homes. Completed in February 2017, CPV St. Charles is the County's largest economic development project in decades and is one of the largest taxpayers in Charles County.

In February 2018, CPV St. Charles Energy Center requested from the State of Maryland to upgrade the combustion system and improve peak power production. As a result, CPV will be able to produce more electricity, more efficiently and quickly respond when there are upticks in electric demand. The upgrade was approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission.


Taxes and direct benefits to Charles County

The project created approximately 700 jobs during construction and employs 24 individuals in well-paying permanent jobs.

Environmental benefits

CPV St. Charles is one of the cleanest, most-efficient combined cycle power plants in the country. A 14+ mile reclaimed water line between the power plant and the county's wastewater treatment plant enables CPV St. Charles Energy Center to utilize treated effluent for cooling and return the water to the county's plant. This yields revenue to the county for both supply and treatment of the water, while eliminating discharges to local waterways.



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