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Charles County has a rich history in agribusiness, and with smaller farms and more diversified operations, our value-added sectors of agriculture are growing fast.

Combine that with a skilled workforce and training opportunities, our strategic location in the DC Metro area, and a lower cost of doing business in the region, and Charles County offers an environment of profitability for businesses in the Food Processing Industry.


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This sample case study is based on a local business with the following parameters:


NAICS Code Used: Industry Size: Data Pool: Available Skilled Workers:
NAICS 31141
Frozen Food
115 Workers Charles County
Commuter Shed
(45-Minute Drive Time)




Shifting consumer habits have frozen foods manufacturing on the rise. Demand for grocery and meal delivery services have demonstrated exponential growth, mirroring the 14% growth in the food processing industry.



This case posits a local business specializing in frozen food manufacturing (NAICS 31141) has been experiencing increasing demand and wants to expand. Their requirements include:

  • State-of-the-art industrial space
  • Rental space that stays below market rate for the region
  • Access to interstates, ports, and railways
  • A skilled workforce, from packers to truckers





Within the Charles County commuter shed, over 356,957 regional workers are available to serve the frozen food manufacturing industry.


Our Skilled Workforce

Charles County’s commutable location and a commitment to skills enhancement attract food technologies, packagers, and managers. Collaboration with the College of Southern Maryland’s Center for Trades and Energy Training ensures a pipeline of trades workers, including electricians, machinists, plumbers, and construction professionals. The University of Maryland Extension Center is also located in Charles County. Locals can pursue up to 7,300 degrees and certificates in majors related to the Food Processing Industry. We are within one hour of major universities, including Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, and George Washington University. Learn more about Workforce Training.


Our Strategic Location

Only 30 minutes from Washington DC, our fertile land and innovation foster our diversified dairy, livestock, produce, and grain operations. Interstate access to Baltimore, Richmond, and Washington DC means we are centrally located for national and international markets and a hub for refrigerated warehousing and distribution. View available properties.


Our Lower Cost of Business

With commercial leases 40% lower than the DC Metro Area and low utility costs, Charles County is accessible and affordable. Regionally, Charles County’s average annual wages in manufacturing are 42% lower than the DC MSA region, 37% lower than the industry average in the State of Maryland, and 36% lower than the industry average in Virginia. In wholesale trade, Charles County’s average annual wages are 47% lower than the DC MSA region, 34% lower than the industry average in the State of Maryland, and 36% lower than the industry average in Virginia.


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