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When it comes to health care, affordability and accessibility are leading concerns for patients and providers alike. In Charles County, the health care sector is finding the perfect balance.


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This sample case study is based on a local business with the following parameters:


NAICS Code Used: Industry Size: Data Pool: Available Skilled Workers:
NAICS 62161
Home Health Care Services
45 Workers Charles County
Commuter Shed
(45-Minute Drive Time)




Ease of access is everything to multi-generational health care consumers. With an increasing demand for home health care services, especially in areas with aging populations, the need for centralized, affordable locations is imperative for this business model.



A new healthcare provider in the NAICS 62161 - Home Health Care Services category is seeking available spaces near medical parks and convenient to the areas where citizens live, work, and take public transit. This case calls for:

  • A location supported by a large population
  • Access to specialty medical care partners
  • An affordable yet skilled labor market
  • A growing and skilled workforce in healthcare





With affordable locations, a skilled workforce, and a high demand for health care services, Charles County is ready to connect patients to essential services.


Our Skilled Workforce

Health Care and Social Assistance professionals comprise 15 percent of the county’s employment base. Emphasis on the sciences takes hold in Charles County’s STEM-intensive public schools and takes off at the College of Southern Maryland, with credit degree programs like Nursing, Massage Therapy, EMS, Medical Lab Technology, and more, and a variety of continuing education workforce training certificates in specialties such as Phlebotomy, CNA/GNA, and ECG/EKG Technicians.  Our talent pool supports the rapid growth of hospital and outpatient services, assisted living, telehealth, and medical cannabis.

Charles County has 106,734 healthcare workers ready for hire. From RNs to occupational therapists, Charles County has the skill to support this growing sector.

Learn more about the Workforce Training opportunities in Charles County.


Our Strategic Location

As one of Maryland’s fastest-growing communities, Charles County provides ample opportunities for health care providers and companies. Charles County’s proximity to the densely populated metro region and its superior quality‐of‐life assets offer a larger customer base consisting of patients from inside and outside the County.

Concentrations of medical offices and outpatient clinics allow for quick collaboration among providers and easy coordination of services. World-class medical institutions like Georgetown University Medical Center, Children’s National Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and University of Maryland Medical Center are within an hour’s drive. Learn more about our major projects here.


Our Lower Cost of Business

With leases 40% lower than the DC metro area and low utility costs, Charles County is accessible and affordable. Shovel-ready acreage or space in an established business park provides a range of options. From zoning to simplified permitting, our site selectors and staff professionals expedite the process. View available properties.

Regionally, Charles County’s average annual wages in healthcare and social assistance are 20% lower than the DC MSA region, 15% lower than the industry average in the State of Maryland, and 9% lower than the industry average in Virginia.


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