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As the top awardee of NIH contracts for research and development, Maryland is a hotbed of innovation. Charles County provides easy access to impressive regional resources—at serious savings.

Whether they’re making breakthroughs in the lab or shipping them to market, companies enjoy our high-caliber workforce and affordable real estate.


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This sample case study is based on a local business with the following parameters:


NAICS Code Used: Industry Size: Data Pool: Available Skilled Workers:
NAICS 3254
Pharmaceutical and
Medicine Manufacturing
10 Workers Charles County
Commuter Shed
(45-Minute Drive Time)




Nationally, pharmaceuticals and medical manufacturing firms are reshaping supply chains to produce domestically1. A greater need for personal protective equipment (PPE) to be readily available has created demand for localized manufacturing.



This case puts forth a pharmaceutical and manufacturing firm (NAICS 3254), equipped with a prototype and capital, seeking a location. Their requirements:

  • A location with ample healthcare services that offer prospective partnerships and collaboration opportunities.
  • A talented workforce with diverse skillsets in chemistry, industrial engineering, medical sciences, and machine operations.





In Charles County, we nurture collaboration in our own neighborhoods. From financing discoveries to facilitating partnerships with government, research & development healthcare industry leaders, and higher education, we move developments from bench to bedside.


Our Skilled Workforce

Healthcare professions comprise 15% of our employment base, so medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and natural science talent is readily available. Medical manufacturing brings innovations to market.

Working with local industries, our skills enhancement programs attract machinists, technicians, and operators. CSM’s Center for Trades and Energy Training provides a pipeline of tradespeople. As a result, Charles County has 19,582 candidates available for hire for this sample case firm


Our Strategic Location

Charles County is a healthcare hub. Whether our providers are testing new therapies or delivering compassionate care, they enhance patient outcomes. Major federal, educational, and research partners are within an hour’s drive. Locally, NSF Indian Head is an R&D leader within county lines.  CSM’s Velocity Center is a thriving space for training and technology transfer.

Space in technology parks, healthcare clusters, and sites with shovel-ready acreage are available. From zoning to simplified permitting, we expedite the process.

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Our Lower Cost of Business

Lower cost real estate helps companies find affordable hires without compromising quality. Regionally, Charles County’s average annual wages in manufacturing are 42% lower than the DC MSA region, 37% lower than the industry average in the State of Maryland, and 18% lower than the industry average in Virginia.

In professional, scientific, and technical services, Charles County’s average annual wages are 41% lower than the DC MSA region, 29% lower than the industry average in the State of Maryland, and 33% lower than the industry average in Virginia.

In wholesale trade, Charles County’s average annual wages are 47% lower than the DC MSA region, 34% lower than the industry average in the State of Maryland, and 36% lower than the industry average in Virginia.




1 Garner Economics.


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