Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program (MWBE)

Minority & Women Business Enterprise Program (MWBE)

Charles County Government’s Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Program paves the way for minority and women owned businesses to participate in county government procurement.

Charles County Government (CCG) spends millions of dollars annually in goods and services. Our goal is to ensure that minority and women owned businesses in the marketplace are properly represented in these purchases. Buyers from all CCG departments rely on our MWBE Vendor List (PDF) to keep county government on track in successfully meeting these goals.

If your business sells products that local governments buy, sign up for our Minority & Women Business Enterprise Program, and add your company to the list of minority & women owned companies available to do business with Charles County Government.

MWBE Criteria

To qualify as an MWBE, applicants must own 51 percent of their business and classify as one of the following:

  • African American
  • Asian American
  • Indian/Native American
  • Hispanic
  • Woman

Before applying for Charles County’s MWBE program, you must be certified in the State of Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) program.

Download a Charles County MWBE application below. If you are a Charles County local business, you might also qualify for our Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) program. Download the Addendum to apply for both programs.

MWBE Application (PDF)



What Does the County Buy?

Charles County Government departments buy goods and services directly, with guidance and assistance from the Purchasing Division. For more information about how and what the county buys, see Charles County’s MWBE Vendor Guide (PDF).

If your business is located in Charles County, be sure to register for the Small Local Business Enterprise program at www.MeetCharlesCounty.com/slbe. The SLBE application includes an MWBE addendum so that Charles County minority and women owned businesses can register for both with one application.

For questions and assistance, email mwbe@MeetCharlesCounty.com

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