As a community, our workforce is central to our economic narrative. Living 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC gives Charles County the benefit of skilled workers who elevate opportunity for all.

Since 2010, Charles County’s population has grown by 11.4%. High-quality schools, amenities, and low-cost real estate attract people who know value when they see it. Today, 28.7% of our residents hold bachelor’s degrees or higher and shape the communities in which they live. Their active participation in our neighborhoods, nonprofits, schools, and area businesses nurtures our identity as a dynamic place to live, work, and play.

Labor Lowdown

Our workforce advances the following industries, both in and outside of the County. Read more about our key industries here:


Leveraging Opportunity

Proximity fuels prosperity in any community. Increasingly, Charles County’s easy access to the nation’s capital and all federal and military installations attracts companies seeking top talent and lower regional business costs. Accessing a potential labor force of nearly 1.55 million people in commuting distance, and a loyal residential base bodes well for any business. Compelling analytics on our labor market are located on the Maryland Workforce Exchange.

While a growing number of residents live where they work, 64% of our citizens commute to work in DC and the surrounding suburbs. Long commutes extend the time workers are separated from home and decrease overall happiness. So businesses are seizing the moment. Charles County’s new and expanding projects, workforce assistance, budget-friendly business costs, support, and incentives attract established firms and local professionals alike.

If you’re seeking a motivated workforce and a distinct market edge, Charles County is the next chapter in your business story.


Charles County is the next chapter in your business story.



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Population Growth since 2010

1.55 Million
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