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Ten thousand years ago, Native Americans settled along the Potomac and cultivated our beginnings as a community. They nurtured the land and tamed the sea, paving the way for the society that exists today. In the mid 1600’s, English colonists seeking  freedom set foot on our shores and found so much more. Following in the footsteps of the Native Americans before them, they established farming villages and cultivated tobacco, which catalyzed their economic growth and development into a complex society.

Fast-forward 360 years to a community that’s nearly 160,000 strong and growing. Our creativity and “can-do” spirit power a vibrant economy, like the pioneers who came before us. Our thought leaders foster a first-rate education system and improve opportunity for all. Mindful of the past as well as the path forward, we balance progress with preservation of our landscape.


Wide open spaces and waterfront tranquility abound in Charles County. Expanses of shoreline delight fishermen, kayakers, and daydreamers. Our 30 county parks, three state parks, and rail trails are perfect for horseback riding, cycling, hiking, birding, and woodland fun. Our 30-minute distance from DC is short, but the rural adventures are long on excitement.


Whether you’re seeking locally-sourced treats or ethnic eats, Charles County’s food scene is diverse and delicious. Locally-farmed produce and fresh seafood celebrate our heritage on land and at sea. If you’re craving upmarket cuisine or Southern Maryland specialities, chefs please palates at every price point.


Activity keeps our residents on their A-game. Our state-of-the-art recreation areas feature climbing walls, skate parks, swimming, golf, basketball, and tennis. And crabs are always in season at Regency Furniture Stadium, home to the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Professional Baseball Club.

Fine arts are center stage at the College of Southern Maryland, which hosts performances and concerts throughout the year. The Port Tobacco Players and Black Box Theatre amaze local audiences. Festivals hosted by the Charles County Arts Alliance and local communities keep the creative scene lively.


Charles County is one of the oldest counties in Maryland. From its agrarian roots to the rise of its ports and railways, Charles County’s history illuminates the power of the American Dream.

Local landmarks include:

For a full list of historical sites, visit National Historical Markers in Charles County or Historical Sites and Organizations.


The distance to DC is short, but the adventures are long on excitement!


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