In Charles County, our access to affluent markets, transportation hubs, and workers with broad skill sets will help turn regional businesses in the Distribution Industry into global giants.

Our central location keeps over 1.9 million consumers within easy reach. Leveraging our accessibility and low cost of business, we invest in state-of-the-art facilities and nurture a workforce that’s diverse and driven.


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This sample case study is based on a local business with the following parameters:


NAICS Code Used: Industry Size: Data Pool: Available Skilled Workers:
NAICS 4543
Direct Selling
30 Workers Charles County
Commuter Shed
(45-Minute Drive Time)




Direct sales—a $35 billion U.S. industry in 20191 —tailors products to consumer tastes and relies on repeat business. National demand for e-commerce fulfillment centers and last-mile distribution facilities are rapidly rising.



This case details an expanding Direct Selling Establishment (NAICS 4543) with high-demand products, leading to substantial revenues. Their expansion effort requires:

  • Affordable headquarters/warehouse space near East Coast markets
  • Access to distribution space and interstates
  • A trained workforce with a range of skills including call center representatives, IT analysts, warehouse staffers, and drivers





Charles County provides ample warehouse space and interstate access, unlocking Mid-Atlantic and East Coast markets. Our location and abundance of talent made us a prime choice for expansion. Our proximity to target markets, quality of life, and workforce partnerships attract a versatile hiring pool.


Our Skilled Workforce

Charles County has 194,913 distribution candidates ready for hire.  A pipeline of talent from the College of Southern Maryland’s Center for Trades and Energy produces machinists, electricians, and operators.

Over 35,000 customer service candidates, coupled with over 23,000 light and heavy tractor trailer truck drivers,  offers a strong pool of qualified talent here in Charles County.

Learn more about Workforce Training opportunities.


Our Strategic Location

Seamless interstate access to Baltimore, Richmond, and DC is easily commutable and keeps freight moving. U.S Route 301 and the development of the Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge have doubled vehicle capacity. Rail, sky, and water-based transport allow for global distribution.

Businesses partnering with Amazon for fulfillment will benefit from their local Delivery Station, debuting in 2021.


Our Lower Cost of Business

Regionally, Charles County’s average annual wages in transportation and warehousing are 29% lower than the DC MSA region, 21% lower than the industry average in the State of Maryland, and 24% lower than the industry average in Virginia. In wholesale trade, Charles County’s average annual wages are 47% lower than the DC MSA region, 34% lower than the industry average in the State of Maryland, and 36% lower than the industry average in Virginia.

With leases 40% lower than the DC metro area and low utility costs, Charles County is accessible and affordable. Shovel-ready acreage or space in an established business park provides a range of options. From zoning to simplified permitting, our site selectors and staff professionals expedite the process. View available properties.





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