Maryland Technology Center

The Maryland Technology Center (MTC), a 30,000 square foot facility that was formerly a grocery store and CVS Pharmacy, was delivered in May 2022 and is now home to the USBTA, several of its member businesses, and other base contractors.


The Maryland Technology Center is the new headquarters for the US Bomb Technicians Association (USBTA), a professional association of bomb disposal specialists, academics, innovators, and industry partners. The 30,000 square foot building is located in the Town of Indian Head, across the road from the CSM Velocity Center, a catalyst project that has induced redevelopment in the Town of Indian Head.

 Four companies will co-locate in the MTC with USBTA.

  • Mithix Pro: manufactures and develops tools and equipment for Bomb Technicians
  • MED-ENG: manufactures the Bomb Suit for bomb technicians as well as robotic platforms and other tools
  • DETECTACHEM: manufacturers explosive and drug detection equipment
  • S: supplies military and public safety gear and equipment


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